Why GPP?

Why would anyone want to procure green? There are two simple arguments for it:

  • because we care for the environment and
  • because it costs less.

GPP is about several benefits, e.g.:

  • environmental (achieving environmental goals, perception about environmental questions),
  • economy (GPP saves money and material, if the costs of the life circle are taken into account),
  • political (GPP is an effective way of showing the commitment of the public sector to environment protection and to sustainable consumption and to production) and social and health care (improving the quality of life).

Although on the surface price can be a little higher but after we apply Life-Cycle Costing (LCC) approaches in the procurement decisions costs are quite lower. In addition, public procurers are looking at the big picture. As good managers of public finances we are aware of how big the burden is to the budget to provide waste management or waste water treatment plants, how much energy we must use in public buildings for heating and cooling, operating various electronic devices, lighting…

That is why we, the public procurers buy products/services/works, which are less burdensome and energetically more efficient! There are also many others, not committed to public procuring and still follow that idea. There are more reasons for a public authority to choose the green procurement, GreenS is here to complete the list.

See our GreenS VIDEO to learn more about the project and the whole process of G.PP.S establishment, trainings provided and project achievements: