Our GPP Support

Green Public Procurement Supporters (G.PP.S.)
The GreenS project will introduce its support at local and regional level by development of clusters of experts, forming “supporting permanent structures”, called Green Public Procurement Supporters. The G.PP.S will be created within the Energy Agencies and will provide to local and regional authorities long-term support and technical assistance on Green public procurement (GPP). The G.PP.S, at the same time, will facilitate the “dialogue” and the multilevel cooperation among different actors at national, regional and local level on GPP.
Within the GreenS project, the G.PP.S, after their establishment, will develop Strategies, a set of actions and tools, where they plan their activities on how to implement their role of Supporters on GPPs to public authorities and other GPP stakeholders.
G.PP.S will turn into the place where routine procedures and different stakeholders meet and will act as the communication tunnel among the GPP multilevel members.

Steering Committees in each partner region
The proactive involvement of the main stakeholders which work on GPP in each project partner region – energy agencies, planning regions, central and regional purchasing organizations, municipalities, GPP consultancy offices and producers of “green” goods and services within Steering Committees will ensure the capacity building and the successful implementation of the GPP procedures. Regular roundtables for Steering Committees will be organized and announced in the News section. G.PP.S will ensure support and permanent technical assistance to the Steering Committee positively impacting on GPP implementation in each country, overcoming the lack of communication and knowledge among the members and raising the support for GPP realization (multi-level cooperation) contributing at the Steering Committees activities.

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Regional suppliers’ network
One of the main challenges to implement GPP is to find suppliers, who could offer goods that fulfill specific GPP criteria.
GreenS will ensure identification of such suppliers and will help further GPP implementing, by organizing face to face meetings with main suppliers (national and/or regional), by executing a market research about the suppliers from each area in each region for selected product/services groups; by developing a voluntary on-line catalogue of good examples.

International Webinars
To ensure the knowledge transfer about good examples for innovative solutions webinars will be organized among all project consortium members with the possibilities for participation of local/regional/national stakeholders. The dates of the webinars will be announced in the News section. Do expect our invitations by email or being our subscribers.