Our findings

The main objective of the work package 2 was to identify already undertaken good and bad examples of GPP processes in each partner country in order to test the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the practices. The objective is to share experiences and analyses from bad and good practices. The first objective was to identify and analyze in each partner country at least 10 practices (bad and good) on GPP, related with purchase of energy efficient products and services provided by national/regional and local authorities. The second was to identify and analyze the needs of local/regional authorities through the SEAP´s developed in each country/region. The bad practices also address the lack of professional procurement training (WP4), the lack of experience in implementing sustainable procurement practices and strategies, and the lack of sharing and cooperation among procurers at different institutional levels.

See below the results/documents from work package 2:

Template and methodology for recording and collection of GPP

Inventory recording process

Expanded list of good and bad practices

Report on comparative analysis of different GPP practices

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Comparative matrix

Identification/evaluation roundtable meeting

Summary report on the needs

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