Italy – Sixth Steering committee roundtable 11 May 2018

The 6th GreenS’ roundtable organized by ALESSCO, Calabria Region and the Chamber of Commerce, took place May 11, 2018 at the Chamber of Commerce.  

Moderator/facilitators: Agelo Loaiacono & Carmine Brescia ALESSCO.  

Angelo Loiacono welcomes all participants and gives a brief presentation of the Agenda and the main topics of the event. The President Loiacono, supported by Carmine Brescia the Director of ALESSCO.

One of the main topic discussed was the new procurement Code 50/2016 related to market.

Public Procurement (GPP), are a focus of the Program for the Rationalization of Purchases.

Starting with the presentation of the new Procurement Code by the President of Alessco – a greater focus was put into sustainable purchases. The National Action Plan and the New Procurement Code set the strategy for the dissemination of GPP, product categories, environmental goals to be achieved and the general methodology to be used by Public Administrations and the market. Later, the debate moved towards regulations introducing the minimal environmental criteria that must be followed in purchasing procedures. ALESSCO and the other experts invited illustrated the scope of MEC (Minimal Environmental criteria) and how these criteria were adopted into the tenders for the supply of goods and services. Thanks to GreenS, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the goods and services used by public authorities, the number of green initiatives launched by the project has markedly increased. The main environmental goals set involved the following sectors:

  • Energy: energy savings, to promote the use of renewable sources and green fuel.
  • Recycling: Promoting the separation of waste through the purchase of recycled products and materials
  • Waste: Promoting among Public Authorities the separation and collection of recyclable waste.

All environmentally sustainable initiatives are identified by a green leaf in the product catalogue

Steering committee meeting