GPP training materials

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Strategic and systematic roll-out of Green Public Procurement (GPP)

This part of the project work aims to systematically and strategically insert Green Public Procurement (GPP) in public purchasing decisions (= GPP institutionalisation).

To achieve this Regional and Local Energy Agencies (partners) will have the support of so called GPP Support Units (G.PP.S). G.PP.Ss are selected people who will receive sufficient training to carry out GPP training and raise awareness on green public purchasing.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability with it’s over 20 years of experience in sustainable public purchasing will assist partners in successfully implementing GPP in their countries.

How will the GreenS project implement the institutionalization of GPP?

  • GPP Training material: All project partners have developed comprehensive training materials in their respective language. An impressive database with the training materials you can find in the language versions of all partner languages, following the links above.
  • GPP Multiplier seminar: ICLEI will provide a 2-day Train-the-Trainer seminar for all partners on how to use the training packages
  • G.PP.S trainings: ICLEI will visit all partners countries to provide a 1-day training to GPP Support Units (GPPS)
  • Webinars: 6 targeted webinars on GPP content will further support the institutionalization and training
  • GreenS GPP e-learning platform developed by ICLEI
  • GPP trainings: each partner (G.PP.S) will carry out 6 x 1-2-day trainings for 10-20 procurers
  • Synergies with similar projects and initiatives will be explored whenever possible


A report with all training activities conducted in the framework of this initiative can be downloaded here