Policy Recommendations

GreenS will evaluate the results achieved in the project and will assess how successful the actions taken in the project have been. Based on these evaluations, draft policy recommendations on how to implement Green Public Procurement strategies on local, regional and national level will be developed.

The draft policy recommendations will be discussed with the Steering Committees in each country in roundtables meetings. The results from these discussions will be aggregated and compiled in order to elaborate joint position paper on green procurement.

A specific focus will be on how multi-level cooperation and establishment of G.PP.S – Green Public Procurement Supporters in energy agencies can support and give local and regional authorities technical assistance to fully apply GPP to reach the EU 2020 targets. The final policy recommendations will be presented and discussed with decision makers in the partner countries and also with other important European stakeholders.

The final policy recommendations will be disseminated with stakeholders on national and European level on the final conference of the project.