Training seminars on GPP across Europe

Energy agencies from the EU project GreenS with the support of institutional bodies from all across Europe are starting to deliver Green Public Procurement (GPP) training to local and regional public authorities, procurers and technical specialists. 

The aim is to introduce GPP as an institutional practice in their regions and municipalities and to provide long-term support and technical assistance on GPP through specialised staff – the so called ‘Green Public Procurement Supporters’.



With the support of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, Energy Agencies have kicked off their training and institutionalisation programmes, which have proven successful in attracting local authorities and other energy agencies interested in GPP. So far the following events have taken place:

  • Energy Agency Province of Cádiz (APEC) – With the support of the regional authorities, the first training gathered procurers, technical and financial experts together and it was broadcasted online to reach other 20 energy agencies spread across Spain, with the goal to create a knowledge exchange network on GPP best practices in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA) – After presentations on GPP criteria and circular economy, a site visit was organised to the first public building including a high-efficient energy management system and a green roof that will provide cooling during summer.
  • Slovenia – Technical visit and talks with the Energy Agency of Podravje and Municipality of Maribor procurement staff on vehicles procurement. Afterwards discussions on the institutionalisation of GPP with the Director of the Regional Development Agency Murska Sobota took place indentifying suitable actions to make use of the momentum to implement GPP in the region.
  • Energy Office Norr AB in Sweden –  staff from the energy agency, ICLEI and the head of procurement from Bodens Municipality worked on greening upcoming tenders in the fields of transport and construction as well as measures to involve regional procurement networks and exchange in GreenS.


During the upcoming months, ICLEI will be visiting further partners’ agencies of the GreenS Project in Latvia and Bulgaria to provide further support on the institutionalisation of GPP.


Source: ICLEI.