Third meeting of Sweden´s steering committee

In the end of October, the third meeting of Sweden’s steering committee was held. Below are the main things that were brought up during the meeting.


The six templates for procurement, as a result from one of the activities in the project, has been, after translation, discussed and the steering committee found it hard to use them in Sweden’s already existing structure of procurements.  The steering committee decided not to use the templates based on the fact that it would be difficult for the project to introduce a parallel structure or system, to the one that the authority uses and advocates. The project will use the existing structure and support the work with GPP with the intention of enhanced and increased proportion of GPP. 


The search for procurements that can be used as pilot procurements in the project is in progress. Selection of suitable procurements will be one of the topics on the next meeting. 


List of participants
Åsa Nilsson, Energy Agency North
Björn Eriksson, Association of local authorities in Norrbotten
Theresa Hägglund, Municipality of Boden
Heini-Marja Suvilehto, National Agency for Public Procurement (via Skype)