The green economy is one of Slovenia’s strategic guidelines

In Slovenia, the transition to a green economy, which is low-carbon, efficiently uses resources and is socially responsible, has development potential. In this respect, comprehensive integration is crucial, and the most vital elements are prosperity for the people and respect for nature.

On 29th of October 2015 Slovenian Central Government adopted the Framework programme for a transition to a green economy and the action programme for 2015 and 2016 which was publically debated before.

The environment and spatial planning ministry believes that by going green, the Slovenian economy will become more competitive, while people will understand and respect the limitations of the environment.

Among other things, the ministry wants to enhance activities in the management of natural resources and encourage the development of Slovenian know-how, which is already making an impact in Europe.

Within key work packages of the framework programme there is also “Increasing demand for green products and services, green public procurement”.

To stimulate demand for green products and services both in terms of the direct role of the state is possible by two key short-term measures the increase in financial incentives to households, businesses and public sector for energy buildings renewal and the reform of the system of green public procurement.




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