The fourth meeting of Sweden´s steering committee

In the middle of December 2016, the fourth meeting of Sweden’s steering committee was held. Below are the main things that were brought up during the meeting.

Potential options are pointed out but there is still a desire for tips to come in on more current procurements. North Sweden Energy Agency contacts contracting authorities and provides the information about the possibility to participate in the project.


5 procurement trainings will be held in the spring 2017. One education session has already been held and it was held for the Energy and Climate Advisers.


The steering committee discussed the future strategy, how we will increase the proportion of GPP after the project has ended.


The next steering committee meeting is planned to 28th March at Energikontor Norr in Luleå, invitations has been sent.


List of participants
Åsa Nilsson, Energikontor Norr AB
Ulrika Lundberg, Energikontor Norr AB
Björn Eriksson, Norrbottens kommuner
Ylva Sardén, Länsstyrelsen i Norrbottens län (via Skype)
Heini-Marja Suvilehto, Upphandlingsmyndigheten (via Skype)

Absent: Theresa Hägglund, Bodens kommun