Study tour for Slovenian decision makers – GreenS

Invitation to the Study tour

Sustainable tourism, soft mobility and green procurement

Werfenweng, Zederhaus, Bled


Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia is organizing the Study tour to Werfenweng, Zederhaus (AUT)  and Bled (SLO), where important topics will be addressed such as sustainable tourism, soft mobility and green public procurement. Target group is local decision makers, Mayors, local councillors and their advisers from municipal administration.

Short description of the program:


The main guideline of the municipality Werfenweng is to promote sustainable tourism, which has almost no more cars. In the village, which lies in an altitude of about 900 meters in the area of the Land of Salzburg in Austria, lives about 1000 inhabitants. Their main source of income are tourism and agriculture. Holiday guests in Werfenweng arrive by train or leave their cars in the car park off-site and car keys are replaced by so-called eco-mobility cards SAMO. Namely, the project environmentally friendly mobility (SAMO), in which guests can choose between ecological means of transport and also free use: in the municipality of Werfenweng can be free transported by private taxis, drive can be an electric bus, rent can bikes or horse-drawn carriages with. More information at:


SAMO Card mobility offer:

A) General mobility

  • Werfenweng Shuttle: a bus connecting Werfenweng directly to the train station Bischofshofen
  • ELOIS – The private taxi service , Mercedes Vito E-CELL Electric night taxi

Rental cars

E-cars “Werfenwenger smile-E´s”: 5 Peugeot iOn, 3 Mitsubishi iMiev, 2 Renault ZOE, 1 Renault Twizy; all charged by solar power

Biogas cars “Werfenwenger Grass hoppers”: biogas produced of grass

B) Fun Mobility – Rental of vehicles in the village center

  • E-bikes, Pedelecs, E-Mountainbikes
  • Electro scooter
  • Segways, Twizy and many more e-vehicles
  • Mountainbikes and bycicles
  • scooter and vehicles for small children
  • special bikes like tandems, etc.

C) Additional advantages included in summer:

  • day tours by bus to popular destinations (Salzburg, Ice caves, castle Hohenwerfen, ski jump Bischofshofen
  • guided hiking tours
  • nature watch tours
  • guided nordic walking tours
  • bicycle taxi
  • entry to swimming lake

C) Additional advantages included in winter:

  • tour with horse coach/sledge
  • ice skating including skates
  • trekking with lamas
  • guided snow-shoe walking tour
  • cross country equipment
  • Trail fees for cross country
  • Tobogganing hire

Other measures:

Use of sun energy

  • 54 solar street lamps
  • Solar-fuelling station for the e-vehicles
  • Fotovoltaik plant Werfenweng
  • Small edutainment park „Solarpark“

Regional and local development:

  • The farmer‘s shop with delicious local products and souvenirs
  • projects of cooperation of local farmers and producers with hotels and restaurants
  • bio mass heating works

Soft-mobility service card for the inhabitants of Werfenweng:

  • Service package for inhabitants reducing car use
  • with various advantages and rebates
  • Basis is a contract between the municipality and the individual person or household
  • Important! Soft mobility is not only for tourists – Credibility only if measures also for inhabitants!



Zederhaus is a small, idyllic village in the heart of the Austrian Alps, which has experienced a tourist boom, when it was decades ago reached the motorway (Villach – Sazlburg), thereby greatly improving accessibility. Over the years the traffic under this highway become more and more disturbing, not only for the tourist, but also for life in the village, which stretches in a narrow valley next to the highway. Upon completion of the planned second tube Katschberg tunnel and the Tauern tunnel (the village is located on the section between the tunnels) the fear of the further growth in traffic organized a strong civil initiative against the construction. The result of many years of cooperation and negotiation is today Zederhaus project. Then, when they upgraded both pipes in the tunnels along the village built burial highway that would be its impact on the environment and life in the village as small as possible. This is a very exciting and unique project that opens new perspectives on the multiple interests in space and indicates an integrated aspect of traffic planning. (more about:



The Sava Hotels Bled are committed to green operations. Annually recycle more than half of the waste generated from year to reduce the consumption of energy and water, invest in the development of the local environment and in the choice of suppliers favor domestic suppliers. Accordingly, they also are developing their products.
Meanwhile, when Slovenia already boasts nine municipalities certified green Slovenia for the destination, the Sava Hotels & Resorts are proud of the certificate of the European Union for environmentally friendly tourist accommodation Ecolabel. More information:


Driving time we wisely use
We have invited experts who will join us on an excursion. Experts and colleagues from the Secretariat of the SOS will be available during the driving time for individual questions or dilemmas on general or specific subjects linked to an excursion, so you have a short presentation:
Dr. Matej Ogrin
Dr. Matej Ogrin, is an associate professor in the Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, President of the NGO CIPRA for sustainable development in the Alps. We highlight some of his research areas: air quality, traffic pollution of the environment, sustainable development of the Alps and sustainable mobility.
Klemen Langus, director of tourism Bohinj
Bohinj Municipality has in recent years been able to carry out some activities to calm traffic, which will be presented by Klemen Langus. In the field of information on the intentions of the local community in the field of traffic calming and encouraging and promoting alternative forms of environmentally friendly mobility plays an important role Bohinj Guest Card, which enables guests to at least twice sleep in Bohinj free parking, free bus trips around Bohinj and discounts for other means of public transport. In winter SKI BUS and Bohinj ski train, which reduces the traffic load on the Vogel ski resort. Introduced additional buses during the summer tourist season (Hop on Hop off at Pokljuka, bus Upper Bohinj valley to the waterfall Savica), regularly cooperate with the Slovenian Railways and promote the use of the trains. The project Hiking trails around Bohinj are 22 marked hiking trails in the valley. They carried out the purchase of 10 additional electric bicycles. And much more.
Alenka Burja, external co-SOS
An expert in the field of green public procurement, with extensive experience from the European Commission, where she was employed in the Directorate of the Environment, will present the project Greens, supportive environment for green procurement and will be available for individual questions or dilemmas about green procurement generally or specifically linked to theme excursions, such as environmental requirements for food, beverages, agricultural products for food and catering services and passenger cars and trucks and bus transport services.


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