Slovenian third Steering Committee meeting in Ljubljana

In order to answer questions, if green public procurement can contribute to the goals  addressed in the national tourism strategy and in individual local strategies for tourism development; and whether the Green Public Procurement Regulation can in any way help the private sector, the organizers Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia and the Local Energy Agency Pomurje decided to organize a round table that was held on 21.12.2017 in the creative center Poligon in Ljubljana. Guests of the round table were:

– Directorate for Tourism at Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT), Irena Milinkovič

– Slovenian Tourist Board, Petra Čad

– Public Procurement Directorate at Ministry of Public administration

– Representative of SRIP Sustainable Tourism, Snežana Škrbinc

– Coordinator SRIP circular economy, Dragica Marinič

– Institute Factory of Sustainable Tourism – Goodplace, Jana Apih

– Institute for Circular Economy WCYCLE, Igor Kos


3rd Steering Committee meeting