LEAP and SOS also partners in INTENSSS-PA project

GreenS partners Local Energy Agency Pomurje (LEAP) and Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia (SOS) are the two Slovenian partners also in one other project, financed by Horizon2020, called INTENSSS-PA.

In case of GreenS the main goal of the project is the successful application of the GPP and its prioritization by strengthening capacity of the public authority administration, while in case of INTENSSS-PA project the main goal is to support public authorities to integrate the energy theme into spatial planning and regional physical and socioeconomic landscapes.

The second phase of INTENSSS-PA involves the actual building of the human and institutional capacity of stakeholders involved in the integrated sustainable energy planning. This process will take place through the Regional Living Labs concept.

Seven Regional Living Labs will be established and operated in order to:

  1. Co-design an integrated sustainable energy planning concept that is linking spatial and institutional design
  2. Carry out a prototyping experiment on this concept in applying it for the development of seven integrated sustainable energy plans – one within each RLL
  3. Evaluate the planning concept and the capacity provided for efficient and effective planning through the Regional Living Lab approach
  4. Perform synthesis and transferability of knowledge within the INTENSSS-PA network of RLLs in order to co-develop a generic planning concept, as well as decision making approach (i.e. through RLL).

In case of Pomurje region the Pomurje Regional Living Lab (INTENSSS-PA) and the G.PP.S. (GreenS) is in one place and they are running together.

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