Slovenian final event – “GreenS on GREEN” – Gornja Radgona, 6th of April 2018

On 6th of April 2018, the Slovenian GreenS partners Local Energy Agency Pomurje (LEAP) and Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia (SOS) organized the national FINAL EVENT in frame of GreenS. The event was organized in Gornja Radgona in the frame of the 4th International Fair of Sustainable Technologies and Green Lifestyle (4th-7th of April 2018. GREEN has presented ideas and products that benefit consumers, the environment and society: self-sustaining energy from renewable sources and other modern energy solutions, innovations in the field of Infrared heating, e-mobility, natural building materials and construction, ecological and permacultural food production, handicrafts, home-made natural delicacies andother products for informed, green consumption.

Green fair

At the national final conference, Local Energy Agency Pomurje presented the results of the project and the work performed during the duration of the project to the participants, and in particular emphasized the natural construction and the concept of spatial planning, with focus on professional technical implementation and an integrated planning approach. The conference was intended to all interested groups. The introductory speech and the GreenS project was presented by Bojan Vogrinčič (LEAP). Anton Žižek spoke about natural development as a comprehensive experience. A lecture by Stojan Habjanič followed about the construction of natural materials and about the importance of a healthy living environment.  

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