Sixth Steering Committee on green public procurement in Bulgaria

Sixth roundtable of Bulgarian Steering Committee in support of green procurements

The sixth meeting of Bulgarian Steering Committee in support of green procurement was held in Sofia on September 13, 2017. The meeting took place in the second day of the Annual meeting of Bulgarian Energy agencies and centers – September 12-13, 2017. The specificity of this SC meeting was that it was dedicated to reaching synergy between various projects implemented by Bulgarian organizations with similar objectives. Participants were more than 20 people, mostly representatives of energy agencies, but also representatives of municipalities and of the State Agency for Sustainable Energy Development.

In the beginning of the SC meeting, Blagoy Stanchev, NAMRB, presented to the audience the objectives of the GreenS project and the outcomes elaborated so far. He stressed mostly on the analysis of GPPs implementation practices in Bulgaria and the conclusions for supporting measures. He insisted on the importance, together with trainings and dissemination, for practically driven activities in support of municipalities as contracting authorities. In this aspect, he focused on the prepared catalogue of green products producers in Bulgaria. Special attention was paid to the coordination with other state granting authorities – the case for implementation of the national granting scheme for electro mobiles by National Trust Ecofund under the conditions of green procurement.

Mrs. Zlatka Nikolova, Executive director of the Association of Rhodopean Municipalities, presented their project Rhodoshop, funded by Horizon 2020 Program as well. The project contains establishment of special body with the association, which will act as a centralized procurer for Rhodopean municipalities. It will prepare infrastructural investment projects for municipalities, mainly on energy renovation and street lightning, and apply for financing to available programs.

Mrs. Evelina Stojkova, manager of Energy center Sofia, presented their project ZenH Balkan “To Zero Energy Hospitals on Balkans”, funded by Program Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean. Some of its main activities are energy audits of state and private hospitals in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Macedonia, and preparation of standards that can be used in the stage of zero energy hospitals design.

The participants in the meeting presented other projects with connected topics – CITYnvest and SmartEnCity.

During the following discussion, the participants estimated the significance of green procurements for implementation of other projects objectives. Special agreement was made for implementation of GreenS tools in the projects Rhodoshop and ZenH. Representatives of energy agencies, participants in the forum, joined the Steering Committee for GPP support and signed the Memorandum of partnership.

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      Grant Agreement: 649860 – GreenS        Programme – Call: H2020-EE-2014-3-MarketUptake