Roundtable: Transferring a good practice: How companies can contribute to the institutional change towards a greener Public Procurement.

The roundtable main aim is to transfer a good practice from Greens project (), where private companies have been brought together to create an online Green Providers Catalogue, in which companies can register to become part of the Directory of Companies offering green goods and services, and therefore, making visible their services to public administration organisations, that usually face problems to find providers to fulfil the specific GPP criteria established by EU.  


This toolwill be an opportunity for county and regional companies to visualise their commitment and chances to offer green products likely to satisfy public administration’s demand to implement a solid GPP model. Moreover, it will allow cooperation for the development of a green providers’ network which could be a reference for public administration in the process of institutionalising GPP.

During the Roundtable, synergies and complementarities between ENERJ and GreenS projects will be explored.


source: FAMP