Riga, Latvia – The sixth GreenS roundtable for Steering committee members took place on 26 October, 2017. The roundtable topic was supporting tools for procurers implementing GPP.

On 26 October, 2017 in the premises of Riga City Council GreenS project Latvian Steering Committee members gathered together to learn about supporting tools for procurers implementing GPP.

Ms. A.Zučika, Riga Planning Region, Project GreenS Manager, informed about GreenS project aim and tasks and the progress of project activities.

Mr. A. Penčura, Zemgale planning region, INTERREG EUROPE project manager gave presentation, “Green public procurement to achieve green growth”. He introduced briefly with project aim – to address the challenges and exploit the opportunities related to the adoption of the new EU public procurement system, effective since April 2016 and main expected results.

Ms. Z. Bilzēna, Latvian Environmental Investment fund, project manager, presented “Circular PP – Using procurement to promote circular economy”. She briefly informed about “Circular procurement criteria in school and pre-school educational institution procurement”. As well she informed about project aim and tasks and present good approaches from Aalborg municipality schools which transferred school chairs and tables for reusing.

Ms. J. Simanovska, Eco-design Competence centre, chairperson of the board gave a presentation “How to use green public procurement to reduce food waste in schools”. She introduced with the findings from one year project with eco – schools, analysing catering and implementing improvements as well as developed guidelines.

Ms. G. Cekule, F3 “H2020 project “Accelerate SUNShiNE” partner organisation “ESCO procurements and ESCO for municipalities” gave a brief introduction about the actual situation in the building sector and the need for solution to create a schema to finance renovation. There are 7141 public buildings with 9,6 billion m2. The project “Accelerate Sunshine” aim is to develop the schema for ESCO in public buildings in Latvia.

Ms. L. Ābola, Latvian Chamber of commerce and industry, the head of project division presented “Effective preconditions for cooperation with the companies’ ” with overall presentation about entrepreneurs and their roles – their priorities and the ways how they react for the new legislation (Green public procurement) and the needs of the municipalities. Ms. L. Ābola also presented few good examples from the institutions which work with EU money and entrepreneurs and which have good practice with effective way of communications.

Ms. D.Freimane, Ministry of Agriculture, division of the common organization of the market participated with the presentation “EU programm “School supplies with fruits, vegetables and milk”” Ms. D. Freimane detailed  explained the aim of the program, the achieved results and planed actions.

Steering comitee meeting





G.Cekule: “Energoefektivitātes pakalpojumu iepirkums un Energoefektivitātes pakalpojumu pakalpojuma līgums Latvijas pašvaldībām”