Riga, Latvia – The fifth GreenS roundtable for Steering committee members took place on 31 May, 2017.The roundtable topic was Latvian non-governmental organizations in the implementation of green public procurement.

On 31 May, 2017 in the premises of Riga City Council GreenS project Latvian Steering Committee members gathered together to learn good practices implementing Green public procurement.

Ms. A.Zučika, Riga Planning Region, Project GreenS Manager, informed about GreenS project aim and tasks and the progress of project activities.

Mr. J Brizga, Riga Planning Region, project GreenS expert gave a presentation about Green public procurement templates – lightening, IT, vehicles. He stressed out that each procurer can adopt the material according to its needs and procurement specific.

Ms. E.Riekstiņa, Riga p/a Riga energy agency, project GreenS coordinator presented LTD “Riga Transport Company” green criteria’s in public procurement: “The right to sign the agreement for vehicles delivery”.

Mr. Ē.Vītols, “BIM Solutions” chairman and “LatBIM” member, Dēvijs Šīraks “Lat Bim” chairman; Sigita Djubina “LatBim” chairman introduced building information modelling program and Latvia experience with it.

Ms. I. Cipruse, Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department, the head of the procurement division, introduced, food procurement for the educational organisations – 150 150 kindergarten and 11 special educational schools. Green criteria and quality criteria were integrated in the food and catering purchases according to regulation of Ministry Cabinet. The procurement is divided in 4 sub procurements.  Educational institution can realize procurement by them self and there is standardized templates developed.

Mr. A.Rācenis, Bauska municipality green procurements, the head of procurement division, presented procurement that was realized to purchase windows, doors and showcase for the swimming pool and sports hall to improve energy efficiency. The main criteria were energy efficiency criteria in these procurements.

Steering comitee meeting .