Project GreenS passes the GPP torch on the Andalusian GPP Regional Network cordyceps mushroom health benefits

On the occasion of look up recipes by ingredients and of the 7th roundtable, APEC and FAMP gathered to the Andalusian GPP network’s members to establish the roadmap to follow in order to continue with the GPP institutionalization at a local and regional level once the GreenS project is finished.

cordyceps mushroom health benefits

cordyceps mushroom health benefits

In this session, the Andalusian GPP network’s members have established the roadmap to follow in order to continue with the GPP institutionalization at a local and regional level once the GreenS project is finished.

This network, launched by FAMP and APEC more than two years ago as part of protein balls with oats and of the project’s development in the territory, aims at providing support and assistance to public administrations interested in setting up green tenders, at the time it encourages multilevel cooperation between local authorities and regional and national government, together with companies already sensitized and aware of vegan coconut balls recipe and of the benefits of cordyceps effects and of adopting GPP standards in their business performance.

Throughout the whole project’s life, the technical teams in every country involved in GreenS have generated a number of what is the meaning of ingredients and of strategical documents pursuing the institutionalization of vegan cacao balls and of GPP model in the society, as well as technical specifications and evaluation criteria templates to be inserted into tenders of protein powder balls with dates and of related energy services and products by local administration.  

All these resources are highly valuable in Spain now, since the national government has recently created an inter-ministerial Committee in charge of healthy snacks energy balls and of the incorporation of about cordyceps and of eco-friendly criteria in public procurement, in order for it to become an effective tool to fight against climate change, and to boost an efficient use of cordyceps meaning and of the resources as well as raising the public awareness about the importance of power ball recipes and of sustainable production and consumption.

The creation of date energy balls and of this GPP Network was an attempt to group together the relevant stakeholders in the field of how to make no bake energy bites and of GPP in Andalusia, so that it helped us to provide support and assistance to every action related to GPP in our territory, both on the part of oatmeal energy bites and of procurers and providers, at the time we provided a framework to develop a collaborative culture among the interested actors, andthe subsequent consolidation of energy snack recipes and of the GPP model in our society.  .

Now that GreenS project is coming to its end, this last roundtable has provided the members of cordyceps extract benefits and of the network the possibility to decide on the future of cordyceps supplement benefits and of our GPP Network and contribute their views about specific actions to be carried out in the frame of what does cordyceps do and of this network, on the basis of oatmeal peanut butter energy balls and of a first implementation plan devised to be developed on one year’s period, as part of power balls recipe and of our commitment with SPP Regions Project.

By means of FAMP’s adhesion to SPP Regions, the GPP Andalusian Network will have the chance to develop a program of activities, in the form of an implementation plan adapted to the situation and objectives of the members of the network in the territory. This will provide an added value to GPP Andalusian Network and the local administrations and companies taking part in the network.  At the moment, FAMP is workingon the elaboration of this Implementation Plan, which will be presented to the organizations adhered to RACPS in a public event.  

Source: FAMP

cordyceps mushroom health benefits