Project GreenS on the 55th International Fair of Agriculture and Food in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

Local Energy Agency Pomurje presented the GreenS project to the participants of the biggest Slovenian Fair of Agriculture and Food. The Jubilee, 55th AGRA Fair – the largest and most important agricultural-food fair in Central Europe have served numerous exhibitors innovations in the field of agriculture and the food industry, attractive exhibitions of farm animals and specimen crop plantations. In Gornja Radgona from Saturday 26th to Thursday 31st August 2017, more than 1700 exhibitors from 30 countries around the world were presented under the slogan “Traditionally fresh!” – more than 120.000 visitors in six days. An important mission of the mechanism, which in the field of forestry is leading precisely Slovenia, were to promote sustainable and multifunctional management of forests, green economy development and ecological culture, which has also received important emphasis in the exhibition and professional fair program. At the AGRA Fair special attention were paid to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, food from our proximity, sustainable farming and forest management, and agricultural techniques for highly efficient and sustainable farming.

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