Pilot Project Experimentation in Calabria Region.

Thanks to GreenS – Green Public Procurement Supporters for Innovative and Sustainable Institutional Change, the project financed by Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme, Alessco – the Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development, Province of Cosenza (Italy), has become G.P.P.S. (Green Public Procurement Supporter) for Calabrian region territory. G.PPS. are a staff of experts in Green Public Procurement (GPP) trained to provide technical assistance and support to Public Administrations and indirectly to companies in the drafting and implementation of public tenders.

In Italy, the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC) have been revised with the definition of MEC in other Product Groups (PGs) and on dissemination activities. A swift revision of MECs was a priority and necessarybecause of the mandatory application of the “Minimum Environmental Criteria” (MEC) in public tenders stated by the art. 34 of the Legislative Decree 50/2016 on public procurement and concessions.

Some of the “Minimum Environmental Criteria” (MECs) adopted by Ministerial Decrees, mostly based on comprehensive or core criteria of the GPP toolkit, now covers 18 macro categories of PGs1.

G.PP. S, in cooperation with Calabria Region, is also organizing training days addressed to public procurers of Calabrian territory on GPP and on the new Legislative Decree 50/2016. The first successful training day have been organized in the city of Cosenza at the Province of Cosenza Palace, procurement office, the second in the city of Crotone at the Province of Crotone Palace, procurement office, next training day will take place at Calabria Region in the city of Catanzaro in October 2017. 

G.PP. S continues to provide technical assistance to P.A. in “Green tenders”, in particular, has supported the Province of Cosenza procurement office in the drafting of a public tender published by the municipality of Casssano allo Jonio (located in the Province of Cosenza territory). The tender is on food & catering services for a primary School (preparing, packaging, transport and distribution of food/meals).

Contracting authority is the municipality of Cassano allo Ionio, the selection criteria is the most economically advantageous tender, the total amount of the contract is € 403,846.14. This pilot project will be followed and monitored by the G.PP. S to assess all the processing phases and results. In Italy, the Ministerial Decree 25 July 2011 (No 220, 21 September 2011) introduced the “Minimum Environmental Criteria” for collective catering and food services.

Alessco is also supporting the Province of Crotone procurement office for the elaboration of two other pilot projects concerning the waste management and collection and renovation of buildings.

In last days, the Municipality of Mendicino (Province of Cosenza) has contacted the G.PP. S to have assistance in a tender to buy vehicles. 

Source: Alessco