Pilot GPP: “Waste management and collection – Municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto”

GPP.S point of Alessco provided its support to the Contracting Authority of Province of Crotone by development Call for tender about “Waste management and collection”. Contracting Authority of the Province of Crotone elaborated the Call for “Waste management collection ” of the Municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto. The objective behind call of tender’s approach is to support selective waste collection and encourage good environmental performance of current and potential suppliers, through its best service of collection waste IsolaCapo Rizzuto’ Municipality.

The call published on December 20, 2017, amount is €. 6.200.000,00 + VAT at 4%.   The National legislation that governs this procedure is art. 60, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. n.50/2016 and ss. mm. and ii., “the most economically advantageous tender” (art.95 paragraph 3. letter a, Legislative Decree no. 50/2016). The Gpp criteria has been defined on Decree n.58 of 13 February July 2014

The call includes the select waste collection and transport for to 4 years 2018-2021.

Criteria used

Selection criteria:

Bidders were required to have an environmental management system (such as ISO 9000 and EMAS) certification.

Technical specifications:

The winning supplier(s) would be required to:

Following a review of the current waste management contract, several recommendations were made for inclusion in the new

specification and contract. These required suppliers to demonstrate an appropriate approach to:

  • Service provision, including capability, capacity, how suppliers can assist with improvingin separate collection rates;
  • Management of contamination and collection of additional waste stream such as food and garden waste;
  • Management and monitoring of performance information, progress against targets, including overall weights;
  • Transport of waste, se of vehicles with a lower environmental impact (i.e. hybrid LPG vehicles, electric vehicles, etc.) during the provision of the service.

The contract shall also include the six further options:

  • Collection of food waste in separate containers,
  • Collection of glass and metal packaging in separate containers.
  • Collection units for waste and the collection of waste from events;
  • Collection of paper in separate containers
  • collection of food waste in separate containers

Award criteria: The contract was awarded based on the most economicallyadvantageous tender (MEAT). 80% of the points were awarded for quality and the remaining 20% for price.

The criteria for ‘Quality and Environment’ were presented in the format of a ‘Description of Needs’which bidders wereasked to respond to. This required details about the following aspects of the service:

  • Implementation plan, that is, collection schedule, routes, staffing, treatment of exceptional cases, etc.
  • Road and vehicle adaptation, such as ensuring that roads where collection is needed can be appropriately serviced.
  • Environmental aspect of waste transportation how the proposed solution will affect GHG. As such, bidders were asked to:
  • Account for company environmental management and vision throughpossible certifications, or as a minimum describe the company’s environmental policy;
  • Set out an environmental solution for the transport and treatment of waste and utilisation of energy; Specifically outline how their solution could contribute to the Isola capo Rizzuto Waste Plane.

Environmental impacts

If not managed correctly, waste, can have serious, harmful effects on the environmental people. Environmental hazards can include air, water and soil pollution, which may occur if   waste is not separated disposed of correctly. In such cases, waste may end up in landfill.

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