Pilot GPP: Upgrading the street lighting fixtures in Nicosia municipality

The Nicosia municipality respecting its commitments from the Covenant of Mayors and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, proceeds with the implementation of a major project, to upgrade the energy efficiency of street lighting. In May 2017, has launched an open Green public procurement amounting to 2.3 Million Euros, which involves the replacement of approximately 7.300 lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures and 11-year maintenance. The new lighting fixtures will offer improved lighting levels on the road network of the municipality while at the same time will lead to energy savings of 1.824 ΜWh and 1.594 tonnes CO2 emissions reductions per year.

The Cyprus Energy Agency, as a support structure of the Green Public Procurements and its main objective of an ongoing effort for guidance of the local authorities in sustainable energy projects, has supported the public procurement of Nicosia municipality with technical expertise, including innovative ‘green’ technical specifications and requirements. The deadline for receiving offers has ended on September 2017 with great success since 11 offers were received and currently the awarding procedure is in progress.

Energy savings/CO2 reduction: 1824 MWh/1,594 tons CO2

Description of the tender          

Supply and Replacement of 7.295 street lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures in the Nicosia Municipality, including 10+1 (free) years maintenance

Total value of the contract

2.3000.000 €

Execution time              

10 months +11 years maintenance

Award criteria

  • Price
  • Green criteria