Pilot GPP: “Street Lighting”

On the 12nd of April 2017, Calabria Region issued a Public Notice, based on the funds of the new ROP Calabria 2014-2020, to support the efficiency of the public lighting systems of the local authorities of the Calabrian territory.

This notice has been issued in compliance with thearticle of the decree of the Ministry of the Environment and of the protection of the territory and the sea of September 27th, 2017, which updates the previous minimum criteria for environmental inspections, and which are part of the national action plan for environmental sustainability of consumption in the public sector administration (so-called green public procurement or Gpp), as well as thanks to the lessons learntby the implementation of the actions on the energy efficiency of the buildings of the PA and reduction of consumption in public lighting, implemented under the Regional Community Program 2007-2013.

The reason of the public notice is due to the observation that public assets represent an important item of energy consumption at a regional level, as provided by the table below, which shows the electricity consumption, respectively, in public lighting and buildings owned by the Public Administration, with details at a Province (Cosenza, Crotone, Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia, Reggio Calabria) and regional levels (Calabria Region), compared with the national scenario (Italy).


2016 GWh


2016 GWh

Province of Cosenza



Public administration’s buildings


Province of Crotone



Province of Catanzaro



Province of Vibo Valentia



Province of Reggio Calabria









Among the sources of primary energy, as far as the only electricity, the consumption of the PA has reached, respectively for buildings and public lighting, 121,5 and 297,8 GWh in 2016 (equal to 2% and 6% of the whole regional electricity consumption in all the sectors, equal to 5.127,2 GWhin 2016).

It therefore becomes necessary to intervene in containing the increase in consumption in the public sector, especially as far as themore energy-consuming sub sectors, like public lighting systems.

During the 2007-2013 EU funds, investments were already encouraged and supportedby Calabria Region to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings of the Public Administration and to reducethe consumption in public lighting plants of local authorities. Nevertheless, those actions allowed to intervene only on a limited portion of each public lighting plant, sincethe financial framework was not enough consistent in order to fund all the Calabrianlocal authorities.

In addition, for public lighting systems, in accordance with the intervention priorities identified by the Partnership Agreement and in light of the high number of applications for Community support throughout the regional territory (not completely satisfied by the previous programming), it is appropriate to invest in the2014-2020 programming cycle as well.

The Public notice is aimed at encouraging public bodies to adopt high-efficiency technological solutions for the reduction of energy consumption of public lighting systems, promoting the installation of automatic regulation systems (brightness sensors, remote control systems and remote management of the whole network) and alsofavouringthe containment of maintenance operations and the reduction of light pollution.

The redevelopment of public lighting must be included into integrated strategies for CO2 reduction, particularly, within the urban action plans or additional local planning tools for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, also providing for the use of appropriate financial instruments (for example, Energy Performance Contract models).

The action will be implemented in complementarity with the National Operating Programmefor Metropolitan Cities.

The Public notice supports local entities to finance:

– the reduction of energy consumption of public lighting systems through the rationalization and optimization of lighting points, the adoption of high efficiency technologies in place of traditional technologies;

In the selection of the operations, the Region has given priority to the interventions foreseen in the SEAPs adopted by the Municipalities adhering to the Covenant of Mayors, also in virtue of the international commitments to reduce climate-altering emissions. Furthermore, the evaluation criteria will include the involvement of the ESCo.

The selection of interventions provides an explicit reference to environmental and energy efficiency criteria.

The expected changes consist in containing light pollution, reducing electricity consumption, thus reducing climate-altering emissions, by supporting the efficiency of public lighting systems.

The notice consists of two lines of intervention, differentiated according to the organizational and management model chosen by the Municipality.

1) The first line of intervention supports the reduction of energy consumption in the public lighting systems of the Municipalities that have already entrusted the integrated service of management and maintenance of public lighting systems on the date of submission of applications, financing further interventions with respect to those already provided for in the basic master contract.

2) The second line of intervention supports the implementation of energy efficiency measures on public lighting of the Municipalities that, on the date of application,have nooutstanding assignments of the integrated service of management and maintenance of public lighting systems, and are aimed at modernizing the plants through:

● a public works contract as defined by art. 3 letter ll) of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016;

●the awarding of a contract according to the EPC (Energy Performance Contract) model to an ESCo certified according to UNI CEI 11352.

Compliance with the minimum criteria for environmental inspections

The compliance with the minimum criteria for public lighting is required within the single tender each eligible local authority is requested to put out for, thusrepresenting a prescription of the regional public notice to all the eligible beneficiaries, besides a legal obligation for the local authority.


On both lines of intervention, the beneficiaries are the Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities, except for Cosenza, Rende, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria, as Intermediates of the Sustainable Urban Strategy.


The financial allocation of the Notice is equal to € 35.000.000, respectively € 20.000.000 and € 15,000,000.00 for the First and Second Lines of Intervention.

The Municipalities of Crotone, Vibo Valentia, Corigliano, Rossano, LameziaTerme, GioiaTauro, Rosarno and San Ferdinando, have a quota reserved in the Notices, since included in the Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development of smaller urban areas.

Eligible operations

In both lines of intervention, the eligible operations are:

– Energy saving measures (replacement of luminaires with others with greater efficiency);

– Installation of flow regulators; installation of voltage stabilizers; etc.;

– Technological adjustment (remote control systems, remote management systems, etc.);

– Technological development for the provision of “smart city-oriented” services, up to a limit of 5% of the whole contribution (solutions aimed at controlling traffic, monitoring the weather or pollution, etc.).