Pilot GPP: “Food & catering services for a primary school”

Alessco provided its support to the Contracting Authority of Province of Cosenza by development Call for tender about”  Food & Catering services for primary and secondary school”.

Contracting Authority of the Province of Cosenza composed  by 13 Municipalities: Corigliano Calabro, Cassano allo Ionio, Scalea, Castrolibero, San Benedetto Ullano, Panettieri, San Demetrio Corone, Lattarico, Mongrassano, Cervicati, San Fili, San Marco Argentano, Luzzi.On behalf of these Municipalities, 48 ​​tenders have been completed on 2017,the total managed budget was 55 million euros.

Contracting Authority of the Province of Cosenza elaborated the Call for “Food & Catering services for primary and secondary schools” of the Municipality of CassanoalloIonio. The objective behind call of tender’s approach is to support organic agriculture and organic food chains, ensure food safety and nutritional balance, and encourage good environmental performance of current and potential suppliers, through its school meal service. CassanoalloIonio has employed an incremental approach to designing its food and catering tenders and its food service, to gradually make these more sustainable and innovative.

The most recent call for tender for the school food service covers the period 2008 and has a base value of approximately €400 million. The call published on September 13th, 2017, amount are €. 403,846,14 + VAT at 4%.  The National legislation that governs this procedure is art. 60, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. n. 50/2016 and ss. mm. and ii.,”the most economically advantageous tender” (art.95 paragraph 3. letter a, Legislative Decree no. 50/2016). The Gpp criteria has been defined on Decree n.220 of 25th July 2011