Pilot GPP: “Electric cars for 20 Bulgarian municipalities and 7 governmental institutions”

During the implementation of GreenS project in Bulgaria NAMRB attracted as a partner the National Trust EcoFund (NTEF). NTEF became a member of the national Steering committee for green procurements support and participated actively in its meetings and other project’s activities.

 The NTEF was established in 1995 under the Environment Protection Act and manages assets generated under the Debt-for-Environment and the Debt-for-Environment swaps, Kyoto protocol, EUETS and other sources for the implementation of national environmental policies. The collaboration between NTEF and NAMRB in order to foster green procurements was established and canied out regarding the implementation of .,Investment Climate Program – Electric vehicles” in 2017 in Bulgaria. Within rhis collaboration, NAMRB as a partner in GreenS project in Bulgaria, provided methodological support and green criteria specifications, as well as technical templates, implemented in tender documents to be used by procurers – beneficiaries ofthe National scheme for promoting the use of electrical vehicles under the Investment Climate Program of NTEF.
























In 2017under this scheme, NTEF provided financial support for totally 27 projects of municipalities and 39 electric vehicles were procured. Tenders for electric vehicles under these conditions were accomplished by 20 Bulgarian municipalities and 7 governmental institutions.

The total value of the purchased vehicles is 1 100 000 with the total amount of the subsidy of 365 000.

The total environment protection effect of these projects amounts to savings of:

Annual CO2 emissions, kg                                   117 758

Annual emissions ofexhaust gases – NOx,, g.  430 926

Annual emissions CO, g.                                      500 516

Annual emissions of particulate matter, g.     15 967