Pilot GPP: ” 2017 Korttidshyra fordon Region Norrbotten”

1. Title of pilot procurement: 2017 Korttidshyra fordon Region Norrbotten

2. Contry/Region: Sweden/Norrbotten

3. CO2 reduction: As a consequence of the procurement, it was ensured in the region, that a higher proportion of clean vehicles, linked to possible number of percent rented cars should be clean vehicles. As the procurement just started we still don’t have any numbers for reductions of CO2 emissions or energy savings.

4. In this tender there was a discussion about the requirements that can be made with the region’s prerequisites for eg electric cars. The requirements were based on the size of the car. In Luleå, 100% of all small cars would be 100% environmental requirements. At between the cars 70% and on the big cars 50% satisfied.