Pilot GPP: “100% Replacement of the street lighting in two Mountainous Communities of Cyprus with LED”


Alona and Polistipos Communities have combined forces in the upgrading of 100% of their street lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting. This will lead into important energy savings for the two Communities, as well as upgrading of the lighting quality of the streets. More specifically, the Community of Alona will reduce its energy demands for street lighting by 50.9%, reducing its CO2 emissions by 18,004 KgCO2/a and the Community of Polystipos by 53%, reducing its CO2 emissions by 19,256 KgCO2/a.

The lighting upgrading is considered a good practice in Europe for the implementation of Green Public Procurement regarding energy saving and reduction of the carbon footprint in street lighting at the level of Local Authorities. The project is technically supported by the Cyprus Energy Agency through the European GreenS project (www.greensproject.eu) which promotes the support for implementing Green Public Procurements through innovative methodologies and procedures. The two Communities were awarded the first price in the Cyprus Green Public Procurement Awards 2016.