NAMRB agreed with the National Trust EcoFund on the implementation of green procurements in the National grant scheme for electric vehicles in Bulgaria


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Between 24.01-20.04.2017 Bulgarian municipalities could apply for the purchase of electric vehicles with financial support under the innovative scheme of the National Trust Eco-fund (NTEF).

The total budget of the electric vehicles scheme is 1.7 million BGN. Each applicant may receive a subsidy for a purchase of up to 3 vehicles – beneficiaries may choose from few types of electric and/or hybrid vehicles. The subsidy per vehicle varies between 20 000 and 40 000 BGN depending on its category. Municipalities could apply for financial support for multipurpose/transport electric vehicles (including small vehicles and mini vans to deliver communal services). The application guidelines were designed by the Eco-fund with the support of NAMRB in the framework of the project GreenS, funded by the EU Program Horizon 2020, with an objective to encourage green public procurements in public sector. NAMRB attracted NTEF to participate in the National Steering Committee of GPP stakeholders in Bulgaria still in its establishment. This partnership continued in other forums under the GreenS project and resulted in specific collaboration in preparing the design of the electric vehicles scheme of NTEF. For this purpose, NAMRB submitted to the Fund the technical term templates for vehicles, developed within the project and adapted regarding Bulgarian legislation, which was adopted. 

The guidelines require municipalities to purchase these vehicles by green procurement procedure and that EU criteria for green public procurement in the transport sector are applied. In addition, another key element of green procurement is the inclusion of the criterion “Life cycle cost” for selection of bidders. 

The guidelines prescribe two options for award criteria: 1) the “traditional” lowest price of purchase and 2) the level of costs – cost effectiveness, including the life cycle costs of the product. The Eco-fund will encourage municipalities to use the LCC criterion.  More information at:     

GPP and Bulgarian electric vehicles scheme

Grant Agreement: 649860 – GreenS        Programme – Call: H2020-EE-2014-3-MarketUptake