Market and public administration together for GPP implementation.

Atthe beginning of October, a face to face meeting with the main GPP key actors, companies and public staff, took place in Cadiz. The event, which was hold by the Provincial Energy Agency of Cadiz (APEC) and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), had two main purposes: sharing participants needs and experience on GPP process and,  on the other hand, to find out the market possibilities to supply green goods and services.

Under the title “GPP as a market opportunity” companies were informed about the EU green criteria application in procurement process and how GPP promotes the market innovation. 

Throughout the day, companies’ representatives from sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energies, have participated in a direct dialog in order to find out what are the market´s possibilities to offer green goods and services and gather information about their participation in green procurement process.

Additionally, this event has been the appropriate scene to present the of producers and suppliers of green goods and services, developed in the frame of GreenS project. This catalogue is an useful tool for potential public bidders to find green solutions andfor environmental companies to present clean and efficient products/services.

As main conclusion, it should be pointed out with this event, is the importance of cooperation between the two key agents involved in the procurement process addressed to advance in the green procurement policies implementation.

Source: APEC