Large scale GPP training programme for public procurers in Latvia

2016-10-26-4500In the last three months of the outgoing year Riga Energy Agency with the support of Riga Planning Region and together with Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development are organizing green public procurements trainings for public procurers, in order to strengthen their capacity to successfully apply green public procurement. The programme consists of ten days events – eight of them are held in the regions – two per region, and two in the capital. The focus is not only thegreen public procurement policy and upcoming legislative acts in Latvia, but the main idea is to give a technical advice and support to authorities in their next steps towards green public procurement.The audience is invited to raise issues, give views, evaluate their organizations readiness to implement green public procurement, use existing tools, as well as to participate in practical sessions of specific products/supplies groups such as construction works, lighting, cleaning products – services and food and catering, in order to set up a direction to more climate friendly procurements.

The training programme currently is in the midway – five are done and five are still to come.