Welcome to present Institutions and Entities
At 9.30 am on 19 april 2016 the work session started with the inauguration by the opening table:
 Mrs. Carmen Castreño Lucas, First Deputy Mayor, Delegate for Economy, Commerce and Institutional Relationships of the City Hall of Seville.;
 Mrs. María Isabel Peinado Pérez, Second Vice-President of the Provincial Government of Cádiz and Executive Vice-President of the Energy Agency of Cádiz;At the end of the work session, a total of 19 memorandums of Coooperation were gathered, which have been increased in 1 when this minutes is being issued, making a total of 20 at the momemt.
The Memorandums of Cooperation are conceived as a requirement imposed by the Project in order to ensure a broad back up of GreenS’ strategy by the relevant stakeholders in each territory. That is why we have seized the opportunity brought by the kick-off meeting by widening the target group and spreading the message to all those stakeholders likely to have a say in the topic of GPP in Andalucía. (companies, regional government, and provincial councils) in order to create – in the frame of GreenS – a GPP Andalusian Network, which may provide support and coordination to the activities on GPP to be developed in our territory, from now up to the project’s finalisation in 2018; this way ensuring a stable working structure beyond the project’s end, so that stakeholders can go deeperin the establishment of a Public Procurement model seeking the integration of environmental and social criteria.

After that, the part related to the reporting of the project’s results and next milestones started (Available in video). This part was performed by the Technical Team of GreenS in Andalucía, integrated by Mr. Pablo Quero García and Mrs.ª Eva Mena Medina, on the part of Energy Agency Province of Cádiz; and Mrs. Sofía Méndez Groiss and Mrs. Inma Guerrero Alés, on the part of FAMP, who informed the Steering Committee members about:
a. The results from GreenS Project so far.
b. The next challenges and milestones, such as:
– The GPP Institutionalization Strategy
– Market research on Green products and providers.
After the coffee break, we began the second part of the work session, with the roundtable entitled “GPP: Challenges and Opportunities for Andalucía”. This roundtable counted with speakers representing the three axes framing the GPP in our country, that is, public administration, at a local level in our case, represented by the Provincial Government of Córdoba, with the presence of Mrs. ª Ana Mª López Losilla, in the name of the Delegation of Natural Environment from the Provincial Government, who gave a speech on the experience of the County Council when editing their Guidelines on GPP; the second
 and Mr. Antonio Nieto Rivera, General Secretary of the Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces (FAMP), in the name of FAMP’s President.
Mrs. Teresa Muela Tudela, Head of the Equal Policies and Networks (FAMP) acting as the Director of the Project on behalf of FAMP, thanked the City Hall of Seville for its collaboration in allowing us to celebrate this event at their headquarters; as well as to the institutions and companies represented there by the present attendants for their commitment with Greens Project.
2.-Coordination y monitoring of GreenS Project.
Next, Mrs. Teresa Muela Tudela, after introducing briefly the project, informed the audience about a modification on the temporal sequence of the agenda, going straight to the recopilation of the Memorandums of Cooperation for the adhesion to the Regional GPP Network brought by the different organizations summoned, which was recorded by means of a photograph of the team launching the network (see at digital annexes)


axis represented by the business sector, through the Regional Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce, with thepresence of Mr. José Antonio Pascual Sánchez, Head of the Unit of Innovation, Programs and Advanced Services, from the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalucía (IDEA), who spoke about “Public Procurement as an instrument for Industrial Policy” and finally, the legislative sector, represented by the President of the Administrative Tribunal of Public Procurements in Aragon, and Director of the Public Procurement Observatory, Mr. José María Gimeno Feliú, Full Professor of Administrative Law in The University of Zaragoza, who gave a speech on “New Paradigms of Public Procurement”. Mrs. Teresa Muela Tudela, acted as the moderator.
In the course of the roundtable, we knew about the first of the compulsory character of including environmental, social or labour considerations in public tenders, as it comes imposed by the article 18.2 of the Directive 2014/24/UE from the European Parliament and the Council of 26 February 2014 on public procurement, against the voluntary character upto now.
After the three speeches, each of one dealt with GPP from the specificities of their fields, a question time was opened. The whole roundtable, as well as this question time was video recorded, and can be downloaded in the file attached to this minute (file 1 and 2)


Mrs. Esperanza Caro Gómez, City Hall of Seville
Mrs. Maria Paz Lagares, City Hall of Seville
Mr. Eladio Martin Romero González, City Hall of Seville
Mrs Isabel Cuadro Estepa, City Hall of Seville
Mr. Eduardo Poyatos Ramos, Energy Agency of Málaga.
Mr. Luis Manuel Vázquez Ezquerra, Town Hall of Palma del Río.
Mrs. Maria Peinado Casado, Town Hall of Palma del Río.
Mr. José Mª Parra Ortiz, Town Hall of Palma del Río.
Mr. Angel Padilla Romero, Town Hall of Huesa.
Mrs. Ana Maria Cerrillo Jimenez, Town Hall of Utrera
Mrs. Mª Carmen de Loma Osorio, Provincial Council of Jaén.
Mr. Rafael Civantos Cuesta, Provincial Council of Jaén.
Mrs. María Luisa Borra Marcos
Andalusian Energy Agency.
Mr. Angel Saez Ramirez, Andalusian Energy Agency
Mrs. Amaya Nieto Gallardo, Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce.
Mr. Antonio Palanco Fernandez De Soria, Andalusian Agency of Knowledge.
Mr. Jose Antonio Pascual Sánchez, Andalusian Agency of Innovation and Development.
Mr. Antonio Cabello Bastida, Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Business.

Mr. Pedro Antonio Rodríguez del Oro, FAITEL
Mr. Luis Conde Galdo, LOCALITAS
Mr. Alvaro Jimenez Castillo, LOCALITAS
Mrs. Laura Zineb Muñoz Abdelkader, LOCALITAS
Mrs. Olatz Nicolas Buxens, TECNALIA
Mr. Juan Navascués Fernández- Victorio, GUADALTEL
Mr. Antonio Hormigo León, ENDESA
Mr. Pedro Méndez, ENDESA
Mrs Amaya Nieto Gallardo, Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce.
Mr. Antonio Rueda Baquero, IBIL
Mrs. María Fernández García, Andalusian Institute of Technology.
Mrs. Carmen Baena Sánchez, Andalusian Institute of Technology.
Mr. Carlos Rojo Jimenez, APREAN. Renewable Energies Producers’ Association.
Mr. Pedro Rodriguez Durán, EFIMOB
Mr. Eduardo Lavrador, CAC-TRAVEL.
Mr. Enmanuel Matz Quintano, AHORRALEDENERGÍA
Mr. Miguel Ballesteros Marra-Lopez
Mrs. Angela Maria Jimenez Endrina
Mrs. Verónica Morillo Baena, Town Hall of Puente Genil.
Mr. Juan Ramón Holguin Paniagua, Town Hall of Conil de la Frontera.
Mr. David Vivas Agrafojo, CONSIDERA
Mrs. Angustias Villaseñor Massoni, Provincial Council of Huelva.
Mr. Jose Luis Sanchez Moya, Provincial Council of Huelva.
Mr. Jose Luis Callejas, Provincial Council of
Mrs. Ana López Losilla, Provincial Council of
Mrs. Esther Castillo Dominguez-Adame, Andalusian Agency of Housing and Rehabilitation.
Mr. Fernando Cordero Hinojosa, Regional Ministry of Presidency alnd Local Administration.
Mr. Alejandro Márquez Llordén, Regional Ministry of Natural Environment and Territorial Planning.

Mr. Antonio José Tubio Sánchez, Regional Ministry ofTurism and Sports.
Mr. Pablo Quero García
Mrs Eva Mena Medina
Mrs . Teresa Muela Tudela
Mrs Inmaculada Guerrero Alés
Mrs Sofía Méndez Groiss
Mrs Carmen Serrano González
Mrs. Alicia Domínguez, CREA.