Italy – Seventh Steering committee roundtable 24 July 2018

Last GreenS’ roundtable organized by Calabria Region and ALESSCO was held the 24 of July at the headquarter of Calabria Region, Cittadella regionale Loc.t6à Germaneto – Catanzaro

Moderator/facilitators: Carmine Brescia ALESSCO, Nicola Mayerà Calabria Region.

The aim of the roundtable was to present the project’s results to managers/head of Units of Calabria Region.  We decided to involve this public to illustrate the main results achieved above all to involve them in future procurement activities, in particular the procurement office of Calabria Region, responsible of main tenders. We also convocated the most significative sectors (transports, agriculture, environment) to encompass them in the procurement process. We believed that it’s necessary to involve most sectors and stimulate them to cooperate and dialogue to plan and track the projects’ experience and results in an efficient manner. We know for sure that roundtables and meetings play a significant role in developing team communications, leadership, and teamwork. We can also confirm that roundtables and informal discussions taken on the occasion of GreenS generated group decisions and solutions.

Nicola Mayerà, after presenting the Agenda and the main objectives of the day, triggered a lively discussion on GPP and on the role and future opportunities of the Procurement Office. Fernando Pelaggi, head of structure of the General Manager of Procurement Office, explained to the attendees that Procurement Office has mainly administrative competences on procurement procedures and Green Public Procurement. On the occasion of theRoundtable, he clearly asked support to ALESSCO for procurement activities on GPP. This was a great result of the project and of the meeting. ALESSCO promised future support and cooperation to the Procurement Office but above all we invited the participants, the other sectors’ managers to dialogue and cooperate on Procurement Office for  Green Public Procurement. Many times other sectors prepare terms of contracts and send it to the Procurement Office.     

Filippo Giglio, Alessco, Project GreenS Manager, gives a general overview, related outputs and achieved results of the project.

Steering committee meeting