Italy – Fourth Steering committee roundtable 18 December 2017

The 4th GreenS’ roundtable organized by ALESSCO and Calabria Region took place the 18th of December 2017 at the Province of Cosenza Palace.

Angelo Loiacono welcomes all participants and gives a brief presentation of the Agenda and the main objectives of the day. The President Loiacono, supported by Nicola Mayera from Calabria Region, informs that the aim of the meeting/round table it’s to discuss, debate among main stakeholders of the Green Public Procurement, on difficulties and critical points matching the needs of companies and Public Administrations.

The meeting was held in the Commissions Hall of the Province of Cosenza and involved two significant moments: the round table and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the GPP stakeholders. In particular, the presidents and representatives of: CONFINDUSTRIA COSENZA, CALABRIA REGION, PROVINCIA DI COSENZA, CONFARTIGIANATO, CNA, ANCE COSENZA, CONFAGRICOLTURA, CONFESERCENTI, CIA, CONFCOOPERATIVE, LEGACOOP. Present with them at the discussion table: Francesco Gervasi, provincial councilor delegated to the Environment, Angelo Loiacono, president Alessco, Mariolina Pastore, technical manager Alessco, Carmine Brescia, technical director Alessco, Filippo Giglio, project manager of the GreenS project. Also valuable is the contribution of the lawyer Achille Morcavallo on issues related to the protection of companies, the problem of public contracts and practical issues for companies and public administrations.

Among the topics dealt with in the discussion, the relevance of the questionnaire to be submitted to the companies, as well as the strategies that they should put in place for a greater involvement and interest in the GPP, took on. Furthermore, we discussed the concrete actions to be done for companies; finally, we discussed the opportunities offered by the telematic purchasing platforms for public administrations, such as the MEPA, in relation to the value of Environmental certifications in competition between companies.

Carmine Brescia informs that presentations will be sent to all participants and the video of the day will be available on YouTube Project GreenS channel.

Steering committee meeting