GreenS project presented on the third BORZEN conference Sustainable Energy – Locally, Ljubljana – Slovenia

The principal activity of BORZEN is the implementation of public service obligation relating to the organisation of the electricity market that includes organisation of the electricity market in the strict sense and the activities of the Centre for RES/CHP Support.

Borzen was founded on 28th March 2001 for the implementation of public utility service relating to the organisation of the electricity market and many other important activities in the Slovenian energy field connected with stimulating the use of renewable sources and the efficient use of energy. Borzen, which was previously owned by Elektro Slovenija, passed into direct ownership of the Government of Slovenia in December 2007.

As Power Market Operator, we provide and facilitate coordinated operation of the Slovenian electricity system. We execute the activities of balance scheme management, recording of closed contracts, elaboration of indicative operating schedule, imbalance settlement and financial settlement of transactions, all connected with the aforementioned activities. Within the Centre for RES/CHP support, we stimulate environmental policies and promote public awareness. The Centre for RES/CHP support is the support scheme operator for the generation of energy from renewable energy sources and highly efficient cogeneration of heat and power. With the establishment of the wood biomass portal, we have developed a place where supply and demand meet in one place, which provides information and better transparency in the biomass field.

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On 14th of September 2017,BORZEN organized his third professional conference entitled Sustainable Energy – Locally. Representatives from Local Energy Agency Pomurje were present on the conference and presented the GreenS project to the participants, who were mostly representatives of local authorities.