GreenS, first pilot project for Calabria Region and Alessco

Calabria Region, supported by Alessco, in April 2017 has published the first pilot project contributing to achieve the goals of GreenS project. The pilot project is a call for proposal for “Public street lighting” where municipalities can participate for sub-contracting services.

The pilot project: “Public note for energy efficiency for public lighting” (check the in italian) has the objective to encourage municipalities to adopt highly efficient technology solutions to reduceenergy consumption of public lighting networks through a notice with two lines of intervention, differentiated according to the organizational and management model chosen by the municipality.

The first line of intervention supports reduction of energy consumption in public lighting systems of Municipalities which, at the time of submitting the application, have already assigned the integrated service for the management, management and maintenance of public lighting systems, financing further interventions than those already provided in the basic contract.

The second supports the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public lighting for those municipalities which at the date of submission of the application have not entrusted the integrated service, management and maintenance of public lighting systems to modernize the existing plants by a public tender contract, as defined in art. 3 letter ll) of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016, or the assignment of a contract according to the EPC (Energy Performance Contract) model to ESCo certified according to UNI CEI 11352.

In both lines, eligible interventions are energy-saving interventions, technological adaptation and improvement interventions, technological development interventions “oriented to smart cities” services up to a maximum of 5% of the total contribution (traffic control, weather or pollution control solutions etc.).  

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