The final  GreenS’event  organised by FAMP  took place in Seville, on  24th May 2018.After 36 months working jointly, both FAMP and APEC  have made possible the public debate about the need to institutionalise GPP in our society, by means of the activities of the project in the territory. Once the project is coming to its end, it’s the moment to inform the general public and enterprises about the benefit derived from the tools produced along the project, as well as to involve those public authorities which have not taken part directly in the project’s implementation, in order to provide sustainability to the topic of GPP and the resources generated by GreenS.

The agenda of the event included a contextualization of the topic of GPP in our country by means of a lecture by an expert on the environmental aspects brought about by the new law of public procurement, which has recently come into force in Spain. After that, a number of roundtables dealt withsome aspects of importance regarding GPP, such as the added value provided by this kind of procurement for public authorities (1st roundtable), the tools and resources supporting GPP procedures, either external or generated by the project (2nd roundtable), and finally the contributions from GPP model to local governance and the subsequent technical roadmap to be follwed.

The attendees (a total of 50 people) have come from the different organizations that have been involved directly in the project’s implementation in the territory: steering Committee of the project, our regional GPP network, created in the frame of GreenS, some companies having worked with us along the project, some government agencies/departments which have helped us with the institutionalization process, and a number of technical and political profiles from local administration, with an interest in the project.

The presentations of the speakers and the promotional video of the seminar can be downloaded in the following links: