GreenS development in Calabria Region

The project GreenS, funded by the European Program Horizon 2020 is based on the idea to improve the capabilities of public bodies on energy savings, to riduce the emissions of CO2 and the expenses related to it applying innovative solutions on GPP and on this direction very many activities have been realized already. The first step achieved has been the individuation of the Italian best practices in the GPP implementation.

A very important aim of this project is certanly the instituzionalization of GPP and about that Calabrian Region is already a step ahead, because with the Regional Committee deliberation no. 295 of the 11.08.2015 session, the Region has given a formal regulation in the matter of green procurement and at the same time has activated a propulsive function towards the territorial bodies in the regional geographical area, with the intent to contribute to the creation of a consumers culture with an environmental sensibility and orientated to reduce the wastes and to optimize the goods and services’s using.

Another important target of this project is the improvements of the communications among the actors of GPP promotions, this action will be realized through the organization of Seminars and the first one has taken already place on the 5th of April to the Cittadella of Calabrian Region and it was called “GREENS – Innovative solutions to promote the GPP into the Public Administration”.



The Seminar has been a success, a lot of representatives of Calabrian Region have attended it as members of Contracting Authorities and for this reason very interested in the subject. The Seminar was held by experts in GPP of the Agency Alessco leader partner of the project, of the Calabrian Region, of the Agency ICLEI, highly specialized in GPP and acknowledged by the European Community, and of the Foundation Ecosistemi, organization specialized in strategies, programs, actions and tools for Sustainable Development, leader in GPP and in Green Purchasings.

During the seminar the Expert in GPP Speakers have put the accent on the European and Italian laws with the recent reformations regarding the GPP.

Many other meetings will be arranged after this first seminar and Alessco and Calabrian Region are already programming and organizing them. In July, probably again at the Calabrian Region Cittadella, will take place the Steering Committee, with the participation of the Governament’s Environmental Department, ANAC, ANCI, ITACA and many other public bodies important and crucial within the promotion of GPP, during this meeting will be nominated a representative of each on these bodies that will follow closely the project and that will participate in the organization of the Round Tables that will take place in the following months.

The results of all these meetings will be given to the Municipalities, through the promotion of concrete actions for the reduction of CO2 emissions and to prevent the production of waste.


Source: ALESSCO.