Green Public Procurement in the programme of the XIIth national conference of the Bulgarian energy agencies and centers

The 12th annual conference of the Bulgarian energy agencies and centers took place on December 6th, 2016 in Serdika hall of “Balkan” hotel in Sofia. The title of the event was “Intelligent cities and regions: integrated energy management and development, bioenergy market, nearly Zero energy buildings“. The one day event was organized by the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA) with the active cooperation of Energy Agency Plovdiv, Black Sea Regional Agency for energy management (BSRAEM) with project GreenS, Agency for Energy Management – Dobrich, etc.

The event was a subject to a wide interest, attracting more than 80 participants.

The agenda of the National conference held two major events – national discussion forum, entitled “Energy poverty in Bulgaria” and the annual meeting of the energy agencies.

Representatives of the Bulgarian energy and mining forum, the Institute for Market Economics participated in the discussion forum, together with experts from the energy agencies and centers from all over the country.

The first part presented studies and data of the energy poverty in Bulgaria, followed by a discussion of measures suggested as solutions of the problem, which ranks our country first in the EU – 30% of the households in Bulgaria are defined as energy poor, whilst the average rate in the EU is 9%.

At the end of the discussion a decision for a joint position on the discussed topics was taken, which will be officially submitted to the respective institutions.

The afternoon session started with an official awarding ceremony of the winners in the National RES Championship. In “Biomass” league the first three places were won by municipalities that have implemented projects for replacement of the existing heating systems in municipal buildings with new modern ones using biomass.  These are Burgas municipality (gold medal), Sofia municipality (second place) and Dryanovo municipality (third place).

In „Solar energy“ league the first three winners were companies, installed innovative PV systems, that fully cover their energy consumption.

More information about the rewarded projects could be found here:

Among the main topics that were presented and discussed during the Conference of the energy agencies and centers were the challenges to the energy policies – national and municipal objectives and challenges, intelligent bio-regions – use of biomass and use of biofuels, almost zero energy consumption buildings, green procurement.

In more details were introduced topics, such as energy strategy of Bulgaria and its energy balance, opportunities for integrated energy management at urban level, integrated municipal planning: SEAP and SUMP, integrated planning for cooling and heating, energy and ecological observatories and energy data collection in municipalities, use of biomass and biofuels, buildings with almost zero energy consumption and various innovations in this aspect, Green Public Procurement as a tool for increasing of the energy efficiency and saving of CO2 emissions and public funds. In relation to the GPP topic, Mrs. Milena Nalbancheva, expert in BSRAEM presented the G.PP.S unit created within the Agency and the technical support it provides to the public procurers in Bulgaria. During the conference the audience shared experience and ideas for further cooperation between the Energy Agencies in the area of GPP.  

Pictures from the event could be found in the Gallery.

The presentations are in Bulgarian and could be downloaded from the Bulgarian page of the website.

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