Green procurement in the context of sustainable development at local and national level Seventh meeting of National Steering committee for support of green procurements in Bulgaria

Green procurement in the context of sustainable development

at local and national level

Seventh meeting of National Steering committee for support of green procurements in Bulgaria


  The contribution of Green Public Procurements to Sustainable Development was the topic of the Seventh Roundtable of the Steering Committee, held at the Annual Meeting of Local Authorities in Albena (15-17 October 2017). The work of the round table, which took place on October 15, was attended by over 70 people – representatives of municipalities, of the central government, of the scientific community.

Vladimir Moskov, Mayor of Gotse Delchev municipality, head of the forum, emphasizes the importance of green policies and, in particular, the implementation of green procurement for the achievement of both national sustainable development goals and real local action to meet these goals. In this respect, he identified as particularly valuable the sharing of leading practices for applying the green criteria in a number of Bulgarian municipalities and the possibilities for their implementation among an increasing number of local authorities.

Strong interest among the audience provoked the presentation of Academician Stefan Vodenicharov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bulgarian Academy of Science, “Views on National Objectives and Priorities for Sustainable Development of Bulgaria”. Within this comprehensive document, developed by a team of Bulgarian scientists and intellectuals, goals and priorities are formulated in all spheres of public life. Particular attention is paid to issues related to environmental protection and energy-efficient solutions, in line with the main European policies.

Blagoy Stanchev, NAMRB’s parliamentary secretary, presented specific aspects of sustainable development related to green policies, regarding the realization of public investments trough procurements. It is through them that municipalities implement projects for development of the environment for living and working of the citizens. Particular importance for the sustainable development of this environment is the application of European green criteria for environmental protection and energy efficiency. This calls for a wider use of the green procurement approach, which is applied by a large number of Bulgarian municipalities. The main element of this approach is the use of the European Commission’s “Green Criteria” and the application of the “cost level / life cycle cost” award criterion.

A number of municipalities presented their achievements in the implementation of green procurement through innovative projects. A leading project of Dimitrovgrad municipality was presented by the Deputy Mayor of the municipality, Mr. Yasho Minkov, – the renovation of buildings of cultural monuments. In order to comply with the specific requirements with respect to these buildings, the highest technologies in the thermal insulation of the external walls are applied, and in the roof photovoltaic systems as well.

The innovative green components in a project of Chepelare municipality, funded by the Horizon 2020 Program, were presented by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Pantelei Memsov. In cooperation with leading European universities and research institutes, as well as with local authorities from Greece, the UK, Portugal and Serbia, energy efficiency measures based on the application of the highest technology will be implemented – construction of a solar street, and intelligent management system of the energy for the buildings to be supplied with the energy produced.

A high-tech project of Kardzhali municipality, based on green criteria, was presented by Deputy Mayor of the municipality Katia Mitovska. The project is implemented in cooperation with the support of a technical university again. Its innovative components are related to realization of intelligent street lighting with adaptive LED lights management, mounted on a lightweight and adjustable load-bearing structure.

The experience of Gabrovo municipality in the construction of the first public building with zero energy consumption was presented by Mr. Dragomir Tsankov, Executive Director of Ecoenergy, a partner of municipality for the project. He emphasized the use of green criteria in the design of all building systems.

The municipality’s mayor Petko Petkov presented the innovative elements in a number of projects of Bratsigovo municipality. Since 2015, the municipality participated in the Covenant of Mayors. In 2016, the municipality received a golden prize in the “European Green Public Procurement Competition for 2016”, while joining as a Green ProcA pilot. All the presented projects of the municipality are based on the implementation of green criteria in the realization of energy-efficient measures in municipal buildings (school, kindergartens, polyclinic) – combining photovoltaic systems, solar collectors for hot water, pellet heating, all of them combined with intelligent management production and consumption of energy.

In the subsequent discussion on the conditions for the implementation of green policies in Bulgaria, and in particular for green procurements, the guests from central government took part as well. The Chairman of the State Agency forMetrological  and Technical Surveillance, Petar Gornovski, presented the requirements related to the green policies, which the agency applies in its activity. He stressed that, in fulfilling its legal competences, the Agency seeks to encourage the implementation of innovative solutions and green criteria in all spheres of activity by the public and private legal entities supervised by it – state institutions, local authorities, private sector.

The Managing Authority of the Operational Program “Environment” presented the possibilities for support through the EU funds, which the program provides in different spheres of the green policies – protection of clean air, water and wastewater treatment, waste management, etc. They stressed that the Ministry of Environment and Water, as their principal, participates in the National Steering Committee in support of green procurements within the GreenS project. In this respect the Operational Program encourages the implementation of the EC’s green criteria in the projects financed by it.

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