GPP in EU projects implemented by Bulgarian municipalities. Training of municipal European experts.

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GPP in EU projects implemented by Bulgarian municipalities. Training of municipal European experts.

Blagoy Stanchev

The eighth national meeting of EU experts from the municipalities in Bulgaria took place from 16 to 18 November in the capital of Sofia. The meeting was organized by NAMB-Аctive in hotel “Ramada”. It was attended by over 250 local experts responsible for planning and implementation of projects financed from EU funds. The forum was attended by representatives of the central authorities  – Mr. Tomislav Donchev –  Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Economic Policy and EU funds, Mr. Svetlin Donchev –  Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds, Director of the Council of Ministers’ Central Coordination Unit,  Directors of the managing authorities of all operational programs implemented in Bulgaria.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman of the respective parliamentary committee presented an analysis of the progress of our country and municipalities as main beneficiaries to the third year of the current programme period. Subsequently, under separate thematic forums, there were discussions held on the status, achievements and problems in each of the operational programs between managing authorities and representatives of municipalities.

The third day of the forum (18 November) was devoted to the implementation of GPP in EU projects. More than 200 municipal European experts took part in this event.

Mr. Blagoy Stanchev, NAMRB Parliamentary Secretary, gave presentation on the topic “Investing European funds under European rules: GPP – why and how?”. In his presentation he commented European policies in green procurement implementation, their impact on European directives and respective Bulgarian national policies. He paid particular attention to the opportunities and responsibilities granted to municipalities as contractors under the new law on public procurement. He highlighted the opportunities provided by the new award criteria – analysis of the value of the whole life cycle. Participants were informed about the planned GreenS project activities, as well as the project opportunities to support green procurement in the municipalities.

In addition to the main topic, Ms. Eva Radeva – national consultant on public procurement, gave presentation on “How to Prepare quality technical specifications and contracts with green procurement”.

Grant Agreement: 649860 – GreenS        Programme – Call: H2020-EE-2014-3-MarketUptake

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