Fourth meeting of the Steering Committee on green public procurement in Bulgaria

The application of green criteria under national programs and municipal projects – in the focus of discussions between central and local authorities

Fourth meeting of the Steering Committee on green public procurement in Bulgaria

The fourth round table of the Steering Committee on green public procurement took place on 16th of June 2017 in the town of Parvomay, during the regular session of NAMRB’s Permanent committee on economic policy, energy and tourism (June 15-16th). It was attended by mayors, deputy mayors, municipal experts, as well as by the deputy minister of regional development and public works, Mrs. Malina Kroumova, the Executive director of the State Agency for sustainable energy development, Mr. Ivaylo Alexiev and by a number of media representatives. In all, over 60 participants from 40 municipalities attended the event.

In the beginning of the discussions, the executive director of the State Agency presented to participants the responsibilities of local authorities for the implementation of national Strategy for energy efficiency as well as the latest amendments in the Energy Efficiency Act. He underlined the importance of the GreenS project for this purpose and expressed the Agency’s support for its implementation. That is why the agency has become member of the national Steering committee on green public procurement and has signed the Memorandum for its support.

Blagoy Stanchev, parliamentary secretary of NAMRB, presented in short the objectives of the GreenS project and the hitherto implemented project activities in support to green public procurement. Special attention was paid to the explanation of green criteria for the main municipal fields of activity as well as for their actual application at various stages of public procurement preparations. More focus was placed on the pilot implementation of the green procurement model under the scheme for electric vehicle purchases of the National eco-trust fund – an exemplary approach for group application of green procurement.

The participants took also keen interest in the presentation of deputy minister Malina Kroumova about the results of implementation of the National program for energy efficiency of multi-family housing as well as of the perspectives for its extension. The deputy minister emphasized on the requirements set in the Methodological program guidance with respect to materials used, which are in compliance with EC’s green criteria.

The local authority representatives presented good practices under green municipal projects. Pomorie municipality presented the application of green criteria in the energy retrofit of public buildings and private housing. Dimitrovgrad municipality presented its projects for the introduction of the most modern technologies for the renovation of cultural heritage nuildings and for the construction of road surfaces with built-in photovoltaics. 

The presented topics caused heated debates between central and local authorities. Many questions were delved into, many clarifications and effective answers were provided, and the preliminarily time frames of the forum discussions were prolonged on many occasions.

Finally, the participants were unanimous in their high appreciation of the useful debates. The representatives of some local authorities also expressed their willingness to test on a pilot basis green public procurement.

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