Fourth GreenS Roundtable, Sevilla, 19 april 2017

Fourth GreenS Roundtable: Arranging GPP pilot processes in local governments” (Sevilla, 19 april 2017)

On the ocassion of the beginning of pilot processes phase within the project, the fourth roundtable was devoted to to bring together some of those local governments having expressedtheir willingness in taking part in this phase of the project, in order to lay the foundations for an effective  support service and profit-making of the know-how and resources generated as a result of the implementation of WP5 devoted to Pilot Experimentation on GPP’s.

Among the attendeess, we had technical staff working in the areas of Purchasing and procurement of the municipalities,  as well as representatives of Energy Agencies from some Provincial Goverments in Andalucía, most of them belonging to our Regional Network for Green Public Procurement.

Representativesfrom local governments, provincial governments and energy agencies attending the event   took the floor  to tell their state-of-art in relation to GPP, expressing as main handicaps the lack of political determination and the need of specific technical resources to address the drafting of a green tender.   Most of the attendees were very interested in the assistance for the drafting of electrical supply licitations.

FAMP and APEC encouraged the attendees to advance in the specific identification of services and products likely to be piloted with the support  of “GreenS helpdesk”, as well as in the identification of training needs in the field of GPP that could be satisfied through training activities to be included within FAMP’s Continous Training Plan, addressed specifically to the local community.



Roundtable video: