Fifth Steering Committee on green public procurement in Bulgaria

Green procurements in the aspect of climate change mitigation were discussed by local and regional authorities in Bulgaria

Fifth roundtable of the Steering Committee in support of green procurements

The fifth meeting of Bulgarian Steering Committee in support of green procurement took place in Varna on June 22, 2017. The meeting was held within the frame of Black Sea Days of Intelligent Energy – June 21-22, 2017. About forty people participated in the SC meeting. Together with some regular SC participants this time in discussions were led also by representatives of the Regional government – Varna, mayors and municipal experts from municipalities of Varna region, regional and national energy agencies, and representatives of the business. Moreover, a special synergy effect was attained by the collaboration between the GreenS project and the Project Start2Act, both of them funded by Horizon 2020 Program and implemented in many of EU countries.

In the meeting opening Mr. Blagoy Stanchev presented the objectives and activities of the GreenS project, implemented in Bulgaria by NAMRB and BSRAEM, as an approach to climate changes mitigation. He stressed mostly on the activities done so far – researches made on the stage of GPPs, established partnerships within the Stakeholders Committees, the market research for green producers, and GPP pilot projects stared.

Mrs. Milena Nalbancheva in her presentation described the possibility to support GPPs by preliminary market researches. This is a comparatively new possibility within the procurement procedure, provided by the last amendments of the low, that procurers do not know and practice actively yet. She stressed on the opportunity it gives to procurers to make a focus on innovative, ecological and energy efficient products at disposal on the market.

Next two presentations of the Start2Act Project gave a prospective for synergy effect between it and GreenS project – both project aiming at similar objectives. Mr. Zdravko Georgiev, Executive director of Sofia’s Energy Agency SOFENA, drew the attention on the energy efficient measures in the company office EE measures – approaches to choose green product when buying office appliances, heating systems, office lighting, and the energy efficiency as a part of company policy as a whole. Mrs. Nadia Nikolova expressed another aspect of the Sart2Act Project – attracting start-up companies and SMEs in activities for sustainable energy by trainings and consultations.

Mr. Todor Tonev from BSRAEM focused his presentation on the financial challenges and opportunities to make use of green products in buildings energy renovation.

These presentations were followed by an active discussion in which representatives of municipalities, the regional government and the green business participated.

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Grant Agreement: 649860 – GreenS        Programme – Call: H2020-EE-2014-3-MarketUptake