Fifth meeting of Swedens steering committee

Steering committee meeting 5, 2017-06-15 Luleå

Round Table – Vehicles

After an unscheduled update from Microsoft, the meeting will finally start and all participants will join. On site, Sandra Ström, Nordic car, and purchases from Joel Bergström, Norrbotten, Pär Hjelm, Norrbotten, Niclas Lundström, Luleå Municipality, and Björn Eriksson Municipality of Norrbotten, Theresa Hägglund Bodens Municipality and Nathalie Jonsson Region Norrbotten, and from the Energy Office Nor Tim Timborn Communicator and Isabella Katsimeni’s Project Manager. Collaborator on the link is supplier Staffan Söderberg AMAP and from the authority Heini-Marja Suvilehto procurement authority, Ylva Sarden, County Administrative Board and from voluntary organization Martin Prieto Beaulien, Green Motorists.


SS-ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement – Guidance.

The round table discussion begins with Staffan Söderberg from AMAP telling about the work on developing the standardization SS-ISO 20 400 Sustainable Procurement Guidance. It is an international work that started in France and has been carried out with 37 countries globally. Which led to about 50 pages of guidance (ie no requirement, not certifiable) with about 200 recommendations to all organizations / companies around the world. That is, an international guidance standard

ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement – Guidance. In Swedish called: “SS-ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement – Guidance. The English text was finalized on April 15th, and the Swedish translation was completed in May 2017. Sweden succeeded well with its comments, such as Universal Design, LCC, Sustainability, Definitions, and more. Consensus has also been reached on a concept of sustainable procurement.


Definition Sustainable Procurement

SS-ISO 20400, 3.38. procurement that has the greatest possible positive environmental, social and economic impact throughout the life cycle

NOTE. 1: Sustainable procurement includes sustainability aspects related to goods or services and suppliers in the supply chains.

NOTE. 2: Sustainable procurement contributes to achieving organizational sustainability goals, as well as sustainability goals and sustainable development in general.

• Next step in Sweden: It is up to all organizations / companies to volunteer use the ISO 20400

“Many in purchasing Sweden have probably already introduced most of ISO 20400 in terms of” purchasing maturity, “but what about sustainability?

• In Sweden we are in focus. LOU, EU directive, Swedish companies …

ISO standards for international harmonization.

“The ISO 20400 can also be used to show how the regional / national / local initiative is well-founded, even from an international perspective on sustainable procurement.





The work has been done in collaboration with the Sustainable purchasing leadership council. Staffan summarizes and says that one of the most important factors for their success is that they decided early on the scope of the project and that they agreed on terms and definitions for both county councils, regions and municipalities. Staffan also wishes to emphasize the importance of clarifying that responsibility for the issue must be placed at the highest level of sustainability strategy.


Pilot Vehicle procurement Municipality of Lulea

Niclas Lundström is responsible for the procurement of vehicles in the municipality of Luleå and reports that they have made a market analysis. They have also arranged supplier meetings on several occasions with the suppliers. To agree on wear, they have used the alphabet’s template. They have controlled fuels for rotating car types, but in Vitå, for example, there are only disks to fuel. Green drivers comment and say that it is possible to buy HVO as a municipality and tells us that, for example, Botkyrka has done so. Can municipalities merge? Niclas also tells him that he has a general mission to reduce the proportion of car trips and extend bicycle and bus. He also mentions that the biogas directive should have been for buses and not passenger cars. They have just bought 15 disel buses. There are no strategic decisions that can be practiced. Low car use means that car pools are far more economical and accessibility is increased on different vehicles and in the long run, money will be earned on it, “says Green drivers.

Can travel agency services start by offering bus and bike options?

Can we have a round table call with all purchasing managers in all municipalities and all ou along with green drivers?

Can we help the municipalities to purchase HVO as a municipality, telling us that, for example, Botkyrka has done that. Can municipalities merge?

The municipality / region needs to adopt a propellant strategy. Biogas for buses and cleaning vehicles

HVO trucks and construction machinery

Lightweight vehicles.

Is there no municipal fuel strategy, or could it be regional?

Part of the stratus project stratus.

Plan for fossil-free fleet

Gröna bilister

Martin, how can you focus on the soft values, driving behavior, etc?

The problem that parking fees are paid with petrol cards.

Doubblecheck, statistics on live rest versus, ie, what have you been defacto bought and connected to a climate impact, then we can say what is the climate impact on public purchases, where is the biggest environmental impact, such as industrial gases are a major environmental impact that you only release out. Could have recycling requirements. July 6th 8.30 presentation in the almedal of jens johansson.


Climate team for Sweden as well as a duty of redress for the involvement of who in ordinary disel. Are there any raw materials etc? Skl kommentus is conducting a procurement for fuel. Turning for indoor bubble waking included with lcc.

Chemical tunnels already cleared.