Fifth GreenS Roundtable, Sevilla, 2 june 2017

Fifth GreenS Roundtable: How can companies working in the field of energy contribute to the institutional change towards a green public procurement (Sevilla, 2 june 2017)

On the occasion of the European Green Week and as part of its program ()  , FAMP organized this event in Seville on 2 june 2017, with the aim  to highlight its line of work on energy efficiency, visualizing its tools and resources and identifying the relevant actors in the territory, in order  to explore ways of working jointly on aspects related to the efficient management of energy in local administration.

As far as GREENs project is concerned, we seized this opportunity to show-  in the format of a roundtable- some products generated  within the framework of the project, which can be facilitators of energy efficiency management by the local public administration, such as the online catalogue of Green Providers. On the other hand, there was a presentation about the role FAMP can play in the institutionalization process of GPP.

Some other projects were  presented, amongthem  ENERJ project, whose main objective is to train public authorities for a better energy management in public buildings. Other presentations dealt with  the Energy Efficiency Strategy in Andalusia, and the technical roadmap devised by the Andalusian Energy Agency, or the project BUILD2LC– (Boosting Low Carbon Innovative Building Rehabilitation in European Regions), leaded also by the Andalusian Energy Agency.  The debate and the interaction between the local agents summoned and the partners of  ENERJ project closed this roundtable

Representatives from local governments, provincial governments and energy agencies attending the event , as well as some companies concerned about energy issues and some partners from ENERJ project, in which FAMP takes part.


Roundtable video