FAMP organizes a regional seminar on GPP

Seville, 20 october 2016

On Friday 21 october 2016, the Development, Employment and Training Institute of the City Council of Cádiz will host the celebration of  a seminar organized by FAMP and APEC, in the frame of FAMP’S  Continous Training Program, aimed at building capacities and raising the awareness of technical staff and decisión makers of municipalities in the field of GPP.

This training seminar entitled “GPP: A NEW MODEL OF MANGEMENT. KEYS FOR SUCCESS” faces a twofold objective. On the one hand, it aims to give an answer to the training needs on the part of technical staff and politicians from Local Administration in the fiekd of GPP, which have been previously identified in the frame of GreenS Project (www.greensproject.eu) fijnanced by Horizon 2020 EU Program.

On the other hand, with the inclusion in the agenda of this seminar of a specific roundtable aimed at the participation of the members of the Andalusian GPP Network, created in the frame of the project in order to provide services to the municipalities who wish to get adhered and work jointly with them towards the development and consolidation of this new model of procurement, this event wants to offer a place to think about the importance of adopting measures for a progressive institutionalisation of GPP model, and draft a technical roadmap allowing the administration and companies adhered to this network to bring their efforts together so as to achieve real and clear results and providing settings where GPP may adopt an institutional character within administration, creating models that can be transferred to other management contexts.


The program will start with a Keynote Lecture entitled “Obstacles and Opportunities of GPP in the local entities”, by the President of the Contract Court in Andalucía, María José Santiago, and will go on with two roundtables attempting to go deeper in GPP model, dealing in the case of the first roudtable with innovation aspects brought about by GPP , and in the case of the second roundtable, with the challenges faced by public administration in the process of institutionalization of GPP.

The program will continue in an afternoon session with two workshops addressed to different targets, one of them devoted to the concept of local governance and how it is related to GPPaddressed to techncial staff from municipalities, and the other on  the new models of businesses related to the supply to new products and services.