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In response, the campaign’s website () was blocked inside Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Saleh al-Lohaidan, certainly one of Saudi Arabia’s high clerics, stated women who drive danger damaging their ovaries and bearing children with scientific issues. Interior ministry staff had also contacted leaders of the campaign individually to tell them not to drive. Also a YouTube movie made by Hisham Alfageeh and different male Saudi comedians went viral on Saturday to assist the women’s driving campaign, parodying the Bob Marley music “No Woman No Cry” as “No Woman No Drive”.

Despite the idea that smoking, specifically the narghile, is embedded in Syrian tradition, this phenomenon has solely just lately turn into widespread. Whatsoever, healthcare has been improving in government-held areas with many private and non-private hospitals still functioning.

The flag of Kurdistan is banned in Syria, but it has begun to be flown during the Syrian uprising and civil warfare. The Crusade fortress of Krak des Chevaliers near Homs, which is known in Arabic as Hisn al-Akrad (Castle of the Kurds), was initially the location of a Kurdish army settlement. Even although Kurds have a protracted historical past in Syria, the federal government has used the truth that many Kurds fled to Syria through the 1920s to claim that Kurds usually are not indigenous to the country and to justify the government’s discriminatory insurance policies towards them. “UPDATE 1-Shell from Syria hits Turkish well being middle – CNN Turk”. “Syria bans Turkey civilian flights over its territory”.

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Kurdish-inhabited Afrin Canton has been occupied by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army since the Turkish army operation in Afrin in early 2018. Between one hundred fifty,000 and 200,000 people were displaced due to the Turkish intervention. Human rights organizations have accused the Syrian authorities of routinely discriminating and harassing the Syrian Kurds. Many Kurds seek political autonomy for the Kurdish-inhabited areas of Syria, just like Iraqi Kurdistan in Iraq, or outright independence as part of Kurdistan.

Although, since this contract needs to be signed by the groom and the male guardian of the bride, her wishes are rarely met. On the other hand, of marriage, the divorce legal guidelines are distinctive in Syria. Women are in fact allowed to file for divorce besides it’s a long drawn out process and she or he should get consent from her husband. There are some circumstances by which the lady can apply for a divorce by way of the judicial system. In order to do this, she should prove that her husband has abused her or neglected his different duties as a husband.


In addition, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Turkish troops were shelling the highway to the west of the town of Tal Rifaat and also the area to the west of the Syrian border city of Azaz, but didn’t stop the advance of the Kurdish forces. On 16 February 2016, Turkish forces continued to shell the positions of Syrian Kurds in northern Syria for the fourth day.

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Alawites started to be threatened and attacked by dominantly Sunni insurgent combating teams like al-Nusra Front and the FSA since December 2012 (see Sectarianism and minorities in the Syrian Civil War#Alawites). An Army of Glory fighter launches a BGM-seventy one TOW anti-tank missile at a Syrian authorities place during the 2017 Hama offensive. Syria is not a party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions and doesn’t recognize the ban on the use of cluster bombs. The Syrian Army is reported to have begun utilizing cluster bombs in September 2012.

“Turkey shells IS, Kurdish positions in northern Syria”. “Turkey’s Shelling of Kurds in Syria Will Continue, Erdogan Says”. “Turkish navy retaliates to PYD fireplace in northern Syria”. “Turkey ‘won’t let’ Azaz, Syria, fall to Kurdish militia, shells YPG targets for 3rd day”.

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Since 2015, the U.S. has supported the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and its armed wing, the SDF, materially, financially, and logistically. Between 2011 and 2017, preventing from the Syrian civil warfare spilled over into Lebanon as opponents and supporters of the Syrian government traveled to Lebanon to battle and attack each other on Lebanese soil, with ISIL and Al-Nusra also engaging the Lebanese Army. Furthermore, whereas formally neutral, Israel has exchanged hearth with Hezbollah and Iranian forces, whose presence in southwestern Syria it views as a threat. It has additionally carried out repeated strikes in the remainder of Syria since the start of the warfare, primarily focusing on Syrian authorities forces and alleged Iranian and Hezbollah militants.

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The normalization of relations started in late 2004, when the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan flew to Damascus to sign a free trade settlement. “Tens of hundreds flee as Turkey presses Syria offensive”. There are additionally some “nawar individuals” (gypsies) who speak Kurdish and call themselves Kurds in some areas. On 9 October 2019, Turkey began bombarding Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria for a deliberate invasion referred to as Operation Peace Spring. In 1936, there French forces bombarded Amuda .

Apart from bettering the curriculum the federal government must make main infrastructure adjustments to absorb the rising inhabitants of the nation into the already burdened schooling system. In 2007, the schooling system in Syria catered for about eight million college students. Given the present growth rate of four.three % each year of college age population, it is projected that by 2015, the education system in Syria will need to cater for an extra 1 million college students in basic and secondary schooling. Despite increasing quantity of human capital through growing access to education in any respect levels, the advance of high quality of the training and coaching system and consequently the standard of human capital is one other challenge that Government of Syria wants to handle.

The SDF acknowledged that they think about themselves as “Syrian and a part of Syria”, including that they’ll conform to work with the Syrian Government. The SDF officially announced their assist for the deal on October 27. On September 28, 2019, Syria’s high diplomat demanded the international forces, together with that of US and Turkey, to immediately go away the nation, saying that the Syrian authorities holds the best to protect its territory in all potential methods if they remain. A new round of talks between the Syrian authorities and a few teams of Syrian rebels concluded on 24 January 24, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, with Russia, Iran and Turkey supporting the ceasefire agreement brokered in late December 2016.

English is taught from grade 1, and French is taught from grade 7 within the primary learning stage as the primary second language. With a rising inhabitants, Syria has an excellent fundamental schooling system. Since 2000 the Government of Syria has considerably increased the expenditure on training 1 to 6.

At the fundamental and secondary levels, the academic yr runs from September to June. The larger schooling academic 12 months runs from October to June, and is split into two semesters. The Syrian Ministry of Education supervises basic and secondary schooling, including non-public faculties, and is instantly liable for curriculum and learning materials. The Ministry oversees training coverage primarily based on the ruling get together’s resolutions and laws. “Saudi Arabia Accused of Torturing Women’s-Rights Activists in Widening Crackdown on Dissent”.

In terms of social consequences, the division of Bilad al-Sham introduced many dilemmas for its inhabitants. For instance, up till 1950, many Lebanese who had been born before 1920 considered themselves Syrians; that is why a Lebanese—and a Christian—Fares al-Khoury, was in a position to assume the place of Prime Minister of Syria in the Nineteen Forties.