2nd GreenS Roundtable, Cádiz, 21st October, 2016

Second GreenS Roundtable: “Towards a progressive institutionalization of GPP”: (Cádiz, 21st october,  2016)

Embedded in a training event organised by FAMP around the topic of progressive institutionalization of GPP in society The coordinator of the project (ALESSCO) attended this roundtable, which we devoted to the topic of institutionalisation, and the links between innovation and sustainability in public administration, as well as the legal barriers municipalities face when arranging a GPP process.

Other organisations present in this roundtable are the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), the Local Energy Agency of Seville, private organisations such as ECOINSTITUT-Barcelona, TECNALIA, from the Vasque Country, and FAITEL.

 As key iputs and main conclusions for the progressive institutionalization of the GPP model, we can mention the following ones:

– We should always work towards the elaboration of technical, easily verifiable and easy checking criteria, not arbitrary.

– GPP institutionalization must start inside public administration, through raising the awareness actions, coordination measures, communication campaigns and building capacity actions, always adapted the the staff’s needs and the rest of stakeholders taking part in GPP Processes.


Roundtable video: